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The continuous training of "floor construction technology" will be held in Beijing

"floor construction technology" training will be held in Beijing

May 7, 2008

[China paint information] on the basis of the successful holding of the first floor construction technology training in December 2007, the organizer adjusted some courses and improved the examination system, and held the second training in Suzhou from April 25 to 27, 2008, The third training will be held in Beijing from May 15 to 17. In order to implement the spirit of the national talent work conference, strengthen the training of highly skilled talents, and improve the talent evaluation system, the Ministry of labor and social security proposed the work goal of completing the training of 500000 new technicians and increasing the number of professional qualifications at a rate of 20% on the premise of ensuring quality. Based on this, the building materials industry has formulated the implementation measures and technical management documents for the professional skill appraisal of the unique types of work in the building materials industry in combination with the characteristics of the industry, and brought the professional qualification appraisal of the building materials industry into the track of the socialized management system. In order to improve the professional skills of the floor practitioners, standardize the construction method of the floor industry and ensure the quality of the floor project, m of the floor materials branch of China Building Materials Association decided to organize training in the industry and strive to work with certificates in the industry within two years. The training objects are on-site construction management personnel in the flooring industry, management personnel of flooring material production enterprises, construction supervisors and flooring designers

the training content mainly includes - a brief introduction to the development of industrial floor, the application field of floor engineering, the classification of floor materials, the basic requirements of the base course, and the basic requirements of the foundation construction team for the compact style, which are that the two supporting end faces should be woven in parallel with each other, the preparation of construction scheme, and the design of foundation surface structure; The construction of inorganic materials includes: material quality requirements, construction conditions, construction machines and tools, construction technology, finished product protection, key points of wear-resistant floor construction, key points of anti slip floor construction, key points of anti oil seepage floor construction, common problems and treatment methods in construction, and analysis of construction cases; The construction of organic materials includes: material quality requirements, construction conditions, construction machines and tools, construction technology, finished product protection, common problems and treatment methods in the construction of epoxy and polyurethane floors, key points of polyurethane floor construction, key points of acrylic floor construction, thin coated floor construction. Therefore, the purchase point of high priced raw materials should be postponed, key points of epoxy mortar (colored sand) floor construction, and key points of anti-static thin coated floor construction, Users of anti-static gravity flow can separately connect the key points of flat floor construction, construction case analysis, floor engineering construction safety, floor construction quality inspection and acceptance, relevant standards, and Q & A before examination according to the different use voltages of the samples. The training material "construction technology manual of new floor materials" will be used in the training, which highlights the authority, practicality and scientificity of floor construction technology. Through the introduction and analysis of some completed typical engineering cases, it has certain guiding significance for professionals and non professionals

this training course employs senior industry experts and senior engineers with rich practical experience to teach, providing a platform for industry insiders to communicate face-to-face with well-known experts and senior engineers. Check in time: May 14th, 2008, Beijing; Place of study: lecture hall on the second floor of the main building of China Academy of building materials science, No. 1 academy, Guanzhuang Dongli, Chaoyang District, Beijing; Charging standard: 1600 yuan/person, 2000 yuan/person for non members, unified accommodation arrangement and self-care expenses; After passing the branch examination, the branch qualification certificate of flooring materials will be issued. Apply to imitate human type: 100kg students need to submit: Student declaration form (can be downloaded at the station), copy of ID card (fax or mail); When checking in, you need to bring your ID card, the original student declaration form, and two color photos of 2-inch bareheaded standard certificates. Registration contact: Wang Jingna,:, fax:,:,, address:, floor materials branch of China Building Materials Federation. The registration form shall be filled in by the examinee and the examinee's unit, and the Labor Department of the work unit shall issue a copy of the working years certificate, graduation certificate and ID card, and fax it to the registration office to receive the admission ticket after examination. Relevant enterprises can sign up according to their own conditions

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