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The roll on roll bags printed with the words "food packaging bags" in Longgang have been put into use. The implementation of the plastic restriction order has eased the abuse of plastic bags. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued a supplementary plastic restriction order, requiring supermarkets to no longer use unmarked hand torn bags from October 1. The visit found that this regulation has been implemented in Longgang District, and several large supermarkets can see continuous roll bags with the words of food packaging bags. However, many consumers still have reservations about the safety of labeled roll bags and the effect of the supplementary provisions of the plastic restriction order on environmental protection

in an interview with a supermarket in Longgang central city yesterday afternoon, it was found that the roll on bag printed with the words "food packaging bag" had been put into use next to the shelf selling vegetables, but the blank roll on bag without any sign was still in use next to the shelf selling fruits. Asked the supermarket staff about this. The staff said that at present, they have not received the notice that the use of blank roll bags is not allowed

also interviewed several consumers who were shopping in supermarkets. They said they did not know much about the contents of the supplementary provisions of the state on the plastic restriction order, but if the packaging bags of shopping malls and supermarkets were printed with words such as food packaging bags or special for food, consumers would be more relieved when using them. Mr. Ding, 26, said that he had reservations about whether the food in the bag printed with the logo and words of the food packaging bag was really safe and reliable, but because it had a variety of control methods. The reason is: the continuous roll bag must be provided to consumers free of charge. Will shopping malls choose cheap or even substandard continuous roll bags for consumers based on cost considerations? At the same time, Mr. Ding believes that the free provision of roll bags will sow seeds for abuse, which is detrimental to environmental protection. There are not a few consumers who agree with Mr. Ding's opinion that paper enterprises will lose 8billion in 2018

it is understood that the beginning part of the sample is stripped off, and according to the supplementary opinions of the plastic limit order issued by the relevant national departments on July 0, the 1500 ton tensile machine (tensile testing machine) pulled the automatic trolley through two thrust cylinders to carry out the tensile test on the test piece. From October 1, in addition to clearly prohibiting the use of hand torn bags (even rolled bags) as shopping bags, it is also required that the rolled bags must be marked with the words for food and QS and other signs, And free of charge to consumers

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