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XCMG on vehicle enterprise management innovation project won the national first prize

XCMG on vehicle enterprise management innovation project won the national first prize, which can complete all experiments required in the standard

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? Recently, the national enterprise management modernization innovation achievement Approval Committee issued a document, and the 24th National enterprise management modernization innovation achievement was officially released. XCMG's vehicle management innovation project "dual brand and dual channel management of special vehicle manufacturing enterprises based on resource sharing" won the first prize

it is reported that a total of 551 innovative achievements were received and accepted at the 24th National Enterprise Management Modernization Innovation. After organizing the preliminary review and preliminary review of relevant experts from colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprise groups, 205 achievements were evaluated, including 33 first-class achievements and 172 second-class achievements. XCMG's on-board project was recommended by the Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Federation to the China Enterprise Federation to participate in the selection of "national management innovation achievements" and won the national first prize with a low sampling rate, reflecting the affirmation and recognition of the company's innovation work by relevant national departments

According to the characteristics of the special vehicle industry, and with the goal of improving the regional adaptability of special vehicle products and building the strongest channel system in the industry, XCMG took the lead in putting forward the concept of "high equipped truck" in the industry, established a perfect organizational structure system and concept system, and always put the brand concept into the implementation and implementation of the whole innovation management practice. Run in with FAW, Dongfeng, heavy truck and other high-end chassis brands, carry out "dual brand and dual channel" management based on resource sharing, take technology first, and jointly improve the supply and manufacturing quality to ensure that the pendulum has been placed in the pre lifting hook position, jointly regulate the cooperation rules of brand, communication, announcement, channel, service, etc., take talent training, cultural interaction, etc. as the support, and use the information platform to run through the overall management process to improve the operation quality and efficiency, It leads the development direction of the special vehicle industry, improves the share of special vehicles in the truck market, and meets the needs of customers and national infrastructure. In the future, XCMG will continue to embed development and innovation in the enterprise development strategy, actively create an innovative cultural atmosphere, and inject inexhaustible power into the upgrading and stable development of the enterprise

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