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XCMG's "one-stop dual-use" mixing plant is located in Guangxi

under the new normal of the market environment, XCMG Shi Weiying based on the commercial mixing industry, quickly developed new products, and innovatively launched "one-stop dual-use" products - concrete and ready mixed mortar dual-use mixing plant. This product achieved a good start in sales in 2016, and the "one-stop dual-use" mixing plant was successfully settled in Guigang, Guangxi, marking another breakthrough in XCMG's new industry and opening up a new path for the development of the commercial mixing industry

XCMG's "one station for two purposes" mixing plant is located in Guangxi

the product is deeply customized according to customer needs, and is matched with an independent fine sand screening system, an independent mortar additive storage and weighing system, and an advanced aggregate batching and metering system, so that the production of commercial concrete and wet mortar can be quickly switched, and the operation is simple and fast. "One station for two purposes" has not only successfully integrated new functions on the basis of the mixing plant, which can be used for more than 100000 times, but also become a new profit point for enterprises in the commercial and mixed industry at this stage. It is also an innovative move to recognize the new normal, face the new normal, and adapt to the transformation and upgrading of the new normal. Its product features of one-time investment and multiple returns have greatly reduced the land and labor costs of customers, making the utilization rate of equipment and personnel higher

the successful settlement of this product not only perfectly explains the strength of XCMG's advanced R & D and manufacturing platform, but also adds a lot of color to the market breakthrough of XCMG schweiying's new industrial products, enhances the influence and reputation of XCMG concrete machinery in the southeast region, and shows the comprehensive strength of XCMG's complete chemical equipment

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