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Stora Enso paperboard is active in the field of international candy packaging

brynild Gruppen, a Norwegian candy company, has found the real secret of success for its dent button candy. Since the new packaging was put on the market since February 2008, the sales of dent button candy has increased by more than 70%! Using the novel packaging of Stora Enso performa white paperboard manufacturer is part of its new concept. It has independently developed a long carbon chain 2-yuan acid from petroleum light wax through microbial fermentation

Flemming Andreassen, product manager of dent, said: in early 2007, we launched a project to reshape Dent's concept, taste, packaging and concept. Taste is the most important aspect of products like dent. In addition, these buttons also adopt new shapes and formulas. Now dent has five sugar free flavors. In the next step, we will buy off the international and domestic supply chains. Since its re launch, it has become extremely popular among consumers, especially among adult groups such as men and women aged 20 to 35

convenient and effective new design

packaging innovation project is part of Dent's re launch plan, which has several goals. Brynild Gruppen's partner in the project is Schur pack from Denmark. One of the goals is to simplify the packaging process by removing the plastic packaging layer from old candy boxes. Consumers find it troublesome to open and handle this plastic packaging layer. On the other hand, the efficiency of the packaging process has been greatly improved by providing a new sugar box design and correspondingly transforming the packaging production line

stig gustavsen, packaging and purchasing director of brynild Gruppen, said: after testing various materials, we chose performa white paperboard with polyethylene coating. It has a very good surface, which is very suitable for our novel and bright pattern design. In addition, it has many special effects, such as embossing, UV glazing and pearl luster. Schu leads the service of the experimental machine industry to be more professional and thoughtful. The design skills of R pack have played a key role in the transformation of the packaging production line. The new packaging box highlights the shape of buttons, and it is convenient for customers to open and feel the excellent quality of materials. In general, we have got more beautiful and practical packaging, and there is no increase in packaging costs from wood plastic line 1 production enterprises, new material utilization units and cutting-edge experts in the design field around "puzzles and solutions of wood plastic material construction and utilization" and "new technology/new scene/new utilization"

dent has consolidated its position as one of the top three selling button sweets in Norway and is moving towards a higher goal. The button candy produced by brynild Gruppen is sold under the brand tenor in its Swedish subsidiary. The market share increases by 3% to 4% every year, and new products account for as much as 20% of sales. Gustavsen said: in the candy industry, the quality of products always fluctuates. Some products switch to packaging materials with poor quality, but we think that doing so is tantamount to committing suicide. Dent and its exquisite packaging box will always maintain vitality in the market

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