The hottest stone pump shoe is fast and steady to

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The stone pump hooves step fast and steadily to promote production, and work bravely to maintain the goal

every time you pass by the production workshop, you will hear the machine sound of "boom" and "dada", which is the sound of struggle. The workers in the production workshops of the stone pump company wear safety helmets and work in a hot way. The sound of welding, cutting, hammering and so on are intertwined with the roar of the equipment

every time you pass by the production workshop, you will hear the machine sound of "boom", "dada", which is the sound of struggle. In the production workshops of the stone pump company, the workers wore safety helmets and worked in a hot fire. The sound of welding, cutting, hammering and so on were intertwined with the roar of the equipment, creating a busy production scene

highlight the leadership of Party building and create an atmosphere of big work

"the order has been scheduled to July at present!" In the busy production workshop, the relevant person in charge of machining sequence said with a little excitement. Since the second quarter, the party organizations at all levels of the stone pump company have taken the initiative to improve their political position, strengthen their responsibilities, and fully integrate into the whole process of 100 days of hard work and the whole process of enterprise management. According to the objectives and tasks, set up vanguard posts for Party members, implement the division of labor system for Party members, lead party members and cadres to set an example, play a vanguard and exemplary role in key posts and important positions, and create an atmosphere of doing well. All production units actively respond to the call of the party and government cadres of the company, continue to maintain a tight production pace, strengthen daily labor discipline management, talk about the market situation through the pre shift meeting, talk about the necessity of overtime assault tasks, widely mobilize, and all departments actively cooperate to ensure that employees assault production tasks with full work enthusiasm

around the central task, blow the delivery charge number

all workshops and offices of the company make concerted efforts to provide support for production services. Grassroots leading cadres sink, strengthen on-site service coordination, improve the overall production and operation efficiency, and try their best to blow the horn of production charge. The casting process continues to be developed. Anqing Petrochemical national high-tech enterprises have reached 9 properties, and the process optimization is not wrong. In May, the output was nearly 600 tons, 8 processes and tooling were optimized and improved, and 4 sets of lost foam molds were made. At the same time, the recognition of casting grade was continuously deepened and promoted to improve the surface quality of castings; The machining sequence makes full use of the monthly contract execution information management platform and the machining information management platform, accurately plans and schedules, actively expands the "two people and three machines" NC machining mode, strengthens small team operations, large vertical lathe division of labor and cooperation, raids the completion of key large pump parts, strengthens the connection between work sequences, strengthens the awareness of handling auxiliary services, timely turnover of live parts, improves production efficiency, and achieved nearly 41000 man hours in May; According to the progress of the task, the assembly process has formulated a detailed unloading work plan for opening the oil return valve. All teams and groups timely sort out the daily shortage of parts, consciously work overtime to relieve the pressure of the task. At the same time, they are in close contact with the production planning department to speed up the contract organization progress with small shortage of parts, so as to ensure the orderly progress of various contract projects. In May, more than 790 sets of complete machines and spare parts were completed

facing the state of full production, the stonework pump people, with the concept of innovative development, with a pragmatic and efficient style, with a flexible thinking that will change with the implementation of the Euro 6 standard, work hard with passion and sweat, and strive to sprint for more than half of the task indicators in the second quarter

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