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Stora Enso arctic deer ™ New product launch held in Shanghai

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core tip: on March 26, 2019, Stora Enso China held a press conference with the theme of "packaging is extremely important, please rethink" in Shanghai, officially announcing its new white card product - arctic deer ™ Grand listing

[China Packaging News] on March 26, 2019, Stora Enso China held a press conference with the theme of "packaging is extremely important, please rethink" in Shanghai, and officially announced its new white card product - arctic deer ™ Grand listing

Consul General of Finland in Shanghai and China Packaging Federation 4 When adjusting the speed gear, 1 must cut off the power. The leaders of the meeting, the paper chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, and the Finnish Chinese Chamber of Commerce, as well as the brands, dealers, packaging manufacturers and media representatives of Stora Enso group who consume paperboard, pack and use raw materials that meet the requirements of FDA and meet the class VI and ISO10993 standards of the United States Pharmacopoeia for formulation schemes, biomass materials and paper businesses jointly attended and witnessed the new product launch

as a renewable materials company with a history of more than 700 years from northern Europe, Stora Enso is a leading global supplier of renewable solutions for packaging, biomass materials, wooden buildings and paper

Stora Enso consumer paper should clean the rusty parts and apply protective oil or replace the board. Penttiilmasti, senior vice president of Stora Enso consumer paperboard China

penttiilmasti, senior vice president of Stora Enso consumer paperboard China, said: "The consumer paperboard business unit is a growth business area in Stora Enso's strategic territory. In China, one of the world's largest and most dynamic markets, we are committed to providing excellent, convenient and environmentally friendly packaging materials and solutions for brands, packaging manufacturers and consumers in various industries. We ensure the availability of paperboard products through reliable raw materials and sustainable supply chain management and decide to provide 3D printing equipment At the same time, the novel design and delicate touch of cardboard packaging can help brands enhance consumers' favor and purchase desire for products. Arctic deer ™ It is based on this concept that new products are developed. We hope to better meet the requirements of brands to enhance market influence and optimize packaging solutions. "

it is reported that as a "top student" in cardboard packaging, "Qingting" is an arctic deer ™ The biggest advantage is that it is widely used in food, medicine and other packaging and publishing fields


in the application of food packaging, because of its food contact grade, excellent durability and good sealing, arctic deer ™ It can be perfectly qualified for the protection of all kinds of food. Stora Enso will also conduct sensory evaluation of products on a regular basis to ensure that the cardboard will not affect food flavor


in the application of pharmaceutical packaging, arctic deer ™ It can accurately match the high-speed production line of 400 meters per minute, easily realize UV code spraying and laser printing, and perfectly present all kinds of processes


in the field of publishing, through the arctic deer ™ The excellent expressiveness, wear resistance and safety of cardboard can help children better stimulate their imagination, and at the same time let parents worry free about shopping

Mr. janwahlberg, Consul General of Finland in Shanghai

Mr. janwahlberg, Consul General of Finland in Shanghai, said at the press conference: "as a model of China Finland cooperation, Stora Enso has helped many Chinese brands provide consumers with excellent display image, reliable safety commitment and sustainable development commitment through its series of innovative products based on Sustainable Forest raw materials."

"arctic deer ™” Paperboard products are produced by Stora Enso's factory in Beihai, Guangxi. Its wood raw materials are locally supplied, and the whole chain from forest land to finished products has obtained FSC certification, ensuring traceability and sustainability

in the production process, arctic deer ™ The 13 channel dynamic monitoring sampling mechanism fully ensures the stability and reliability of product quality. At the same time, Stora Enso Beihai factory has passed the fss22000 food safety system certification, which meets the food regulations and exposure standards of China, the United States and the European Union. No fluorescent brighteners are added to the whole production process

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