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Stora Enso built a paper "Castle" in Guangxi

entered the No. 1 investment cooperation exhibition hall of the Sixth China ASEAN Expo, and the huge paper castle booth of Stora Enso group of Finland, one of the world's top 50 enterprises, was introduced with nuts, which made the operation simple

at all previous China ASEAN expositions, Stora Enso group's booths appeared in the shape of paper, showing not only the image of paper-making enterprises, but also the concept and strength of the world's leading forest paper enterprises. The data processing of the friction and wear experimental machine series also has its own characteristics. This time, Stora Enso group has made great efforts in the booth design. Through the combined deformation of four small paper rolls and one large paper roll, it has also creatively adopted 2000 abandoned milk cartons. Using the appearance characteristics of paper products, it vividly shows the shape of paper castle, making visitors stop to take photos and watch

the jungle created by eucalyptus seedlings, the pulp moat, and the exquisite paper products displayed in the castle create the beautiful vision of Stora Enso group for the Beihai Forest Pulp paper integration project. The whole castle fully shows us the concept of sustainable development that Stora Enso group, which is ranked among the top 100 most sustainable companies in the world and incorporated into the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE social index, has always implemented. Stora Enso group's packaging cardboard has built a solid retaining wall of the castle, which not only shows the safety, beauty and practicality of packaging, but also makes us aware of the company's environmental protection concept with recyclable milk cartons

so far, Stora Enso group has participated in the South China International Expo for six consecutive years. This year, Stora Enso Group continues to participate in the Expo and expands its participation scale, showing that Stora Enso group is full of confidence in investing in Guangxi. Mr. Song Wangqiu, President of the group in China, said that the China ASEAN Expo has been better and more mature from the first to the sixth. The success of the China ASEAN Expo and the opening up of Guangxi are very important for Stora Enso's development in Guangxi. Therefore, in addition to displaying Stora Enso's corporate image, we hope to introduce Stora Enso's environmental protection concept of sustainable development to you. Stora Enso group is a global enterprise. It chooses to establish a forest pulp and paper base in Guangxi. The higher the openness of Guangxi, the better the development of Stora Enso. We are very confident in the development of Guangxi

Stora Enso Beihai Forest Pulp paper integration project phase I construction scale is 900000 tons of pulp and 900000 tons of high-grade paper and paperboard, with a total investment of 22.7 billion yuan. Its project technology, equipment, products and environmental protection have reached the world leading level. In addition to the Beihai Forest Pulp paper integration project, Stora Enso group also owns Stora Enso China sales company, Suzhou Zixing Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Stora Enso Huatai Paper Industry Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Corenso Hualun Paper Pipe Co., Ltd., Corenso paper pipe (Foshan) Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Stora Enso Forestry Co., Ltd. in China

statement: new materials activate new momentum of building materials industry

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