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Stone paper making: a concept game related to calcium carbonate

recently, stone paper once became the hot spot and focus of the calcium carbonate industry and the paper industry. Lianzhong calcium carbonate checked the relevant information on, and here I share my views

it is understood that most of the raw materials of this so-called Stone paper are ultra-fine calcium carbonate. Now a large amount of fine calcium carbonate is also added to corrugated paper production. Stone paper is to grind calcium carbonate powder into nano-sized calcium carbonate, and then mix it with polymer resin, such as polypropylene or polyethylene. With the economic warming of ene, it is heated together to melt the polymer resin; Superfine calcium carbonate is evenly mixed together, and then calcium plastic film is produced by casting or blowing, resulting in the so-called Stone paper

if you have no concept of stone paper, let's talk about a wood plastic product that you may have seen, that is, wood plastic mixed with polypropylene. This thing is mainly used in products such as impervious landscapes, park wood plastic floors, bridges, wood plastic chairs, wood plastic flowerpots, etc. This wood plastic product is not afraid of rain erosion of wood, nor is it afraid of moths and other advantages. It has the grain and beauty of wood, as well as the hardness and weather resistance of plastic. It can be extruded out of any specification and shape by plastic machine. If the amount of calcium carbonate added is relatively small, it is plastic modification, such as reinforced nylon, reinforced PP, reinforced POM, reinforced ABS, and so on. Basically, nano ultrafine calcium carbonate will be added

therefore, this so-called stone strengthening announcement list and the connection and linkage between finance, environmental protection, energy and other aspects are actually products that mix ultra-fine powder, nano calcium carbonate and polymer resin for melt blow molding. This paper is waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti moth, single column tensile testing machine or double column tensile testing machine, which is better? It is not inflammable. In fact, it is not environmental friendly. The polymer resin used inside is all refined from petroleum, which is a non renewable energy. This paper briefly introduces the operation method of the spring experimental machine, which will not degrade. It will produce white garbage like plastic bags

in this project, the ultra-fine nano calcium carbonate for papermaking should reach more than 6250 mesh, and the current market price is about 2500 yuan/ton. Maybe mass production may be cheaper. It can be 2000 yuan/ton. The price of polypropylene or polyethylene is about 10000 yuan/ton. If calcium carbonate accounts for 70% and polypropylene or polyethylene accounts for 30%, the raw material cost of the so-called Stone paper is about 4400 yuan/ton. If the production and processing costs and human resources costs (a large amount of electricity consumption) are added, it is estimated that at least 1200 yuan/ton is required, and the ex factory price of this so-called Stone paper is about 5600 yuan/ton. Such a high-cost Stone paper has no advantages. Stone paper is just a concept. It is not so mysterious, nor is it high-tech. don't be frightened by high-tech

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