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Talking about the change and thinking of washing powder packaging materials

washing powder has developed with the development of petrochemical industry in China. In 1958, the first bag of washing powder was produced in Shanghai. The popularity of washing machines and the change of rural concept of washing made the output of washing powder rise year by year. So far, the output of washing powder in China has reached more than 3 million tons. When the product comes out, it will also bring the use of packaging materials. It is preliminarily estimated that the direct consumption of packaging materials in the washing powder industry is more than 2 billion yuan. In recent ten years, changes in the market, changes in people's aesthetic standards, and fierce market competition have led to many changes in the internal and external packaging materials and packaging technology of washing powder. Although the requirements of detergent products for packaging are not very high, some traces or processes of the development of China's packaging industry can be seen from the evolution of the use of detergent packaging materials

1. Evolution of inner packaging of washing powder

inner packaging, also known as small packaging and single packaging. After the washing powder was produced in China, its packaging form also followed recently. Due to the poor printing conditions in China at that time, the application of color was very monotonous, and it was directly printed on the polyethylene film used. The detergent component contains surfactant. When it meets with water, it has a certain emulsifying effect on the ink, which will make the packaging bag show that there is a smudge phenomenon. In the era of planned economy at that time, the merchantability of products had not been put forward, and few people complained. In addition, washing powder, soap and other commodities in short supply made this packaging situation continue for nearly three decades. During this period, many enterprises also studied packaging materials. For example, Shanghai, Nanjing and other enterprises tried to use paper to replace plastic film. Later, due to the factors such as easy moisture absorption and caking of washing powder, and the high cost of paper and difficult sealing, this new thing died prematurely

by the 1980s, the printing industry had a great development. The emergence of printing technology, film blowing technology and various kinds of plastic films made the packaging materials of composite films applied in the packaging of washing powder. Because the cost and market are not sensitive to this, it is not widely used. It is only used in some products with high requirements for packaging materials, such as concentrated washing powder. Because of its relatively high alkalinity, easy caking and high apparent density, this kind of plastic granulator equipment causes serious environmental pollution, and the plastic film made of single film can no longer meet the requirements. The real large-scale use of composite film in detergent packaging was in the 1990s. As the market is gradually developing towards a market economy, the reform and opening up have made the advantages of composite membrane technology recognized by the market. In fact, the market has promoted the application and development of this technology. The application of composite film technology in washing powder packaging bags has unique advantages. First, a layer of plastic film is compounded on the surface of the printing layer to completely avoid the phenomenon of ink fading when encountering washing powder. In this way, the use of color can be unrestricted. The introduction of printing equipment, the improvement of plate making technology, and the use of computers greatly improve the accuracy of chromaticity, and the finished packaging bags have greatly improved the merchantability of products, The scale effect of petrochemical industry greatly reduces the cost of various plastic materials, which also creates good conditions for the promotion of composite film plastic bags. At present, most washing powder packaging bags in the domestic market use this composite film

although composite membrane materials are good and low-cost, they have their shortcomings after all. Now we advocate protecting the environment and protecting our earth. Paper packaging of biodegradable materials is still one of the most environmentally friendly materials by setting movable gripper seats on the rack. Carton packaging is very common in foreign countries, but in China, it is basically some high-end washing powder that adopts this packaging form, The low price competition of domestic washing powder has affected the use of this packaging material

2. Evolution of outer packaging of washing powder

outer packaging, that is, large packaging, basically adopts the form of cartons like other industries. Until the late 1990s, this packaging form has undergone qualitative changes. It can be said that abnormal imagination has occurred. Considering the cost, enterprises have adopted woven bags made of polypropylene film that is not easy to biodegrade, and some directly use thicker polyethylene film. At present, the large packaging of washing powder in the market adopts this packaging form, and the impact on the environment is difficult to estimate

3. Development and thinking of washing powder packaging materials

the packaging of washing powder industry should eventually develop in line with the development requirements of the times. The application of new materials and new technologies is a long-term research topic for packaging developers in the industry, and green packaging is always a goal to pursue., The transitional competition of enterprises in products has affected the development momentum of enterprises. Enterprises have reduced their investment in scientific research. Low price competition has also made enterprises forget environmental protection and other issues. With the improvement and implementation of various judges in China, it is believed that this abnormal phenomenon will be gradually improved. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, there are some problems in the packaging of washing powder, such as small packaging specifications, less investment in the application research of packaging materials and less investment in automatic packaging. Therefore, it is hoped that the packaging industry will have a smooth path and steep slopes, more new materials will be launched, more cutting-off printing technology will be applied, more environmentally friendly and low-cost materials can be used, and the government can make greater efforts to support the promotion and application of new materials, and restrict the application of materials that are not conducive to environmental protection. In this way, through the efforts of the whole society, it will not only be the packaging of the washing powder industry in the near future, I believe the whole packaging industry will be healthier and better

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