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Stora Enso is committed to protecting old-age forests

some Finnish environmental organizations call for further protection of the Lapland forest area where Finnish state-owned enterprise MetS hallitus has been cutting this winter. They claimed that they had found trees about 300 years old in the log pile, and based on this, they identified these areas as old-age forests. Stora Enso was also blamed for being one of the recipients of these timbers

the average age of trees in the targeted logging areas ranges from 80 to 200 years. According to the Finnish forest law, the forests in this area have reached the regeneration age after about 140 years of growth. Although individual trees older than 300 years may be found, they are usually previously preserved trees

Stora Enso has been committed to the protection of old-age forests and has supported many multi interest group initiatives in northern Finland since 1996. We do not purchase timber from forests identified as aged forests in national interest group actions

mets hallitus has considered the requirements of environmental protection organizations and carried out further inventory in these areas. Some of these areas have been reclassified as natural forests with special natural values, and commercial logging is prohibited. Other areas are still divided into ordinary commercial forests that can be harvested. However, MetS hallitus has no plans to further harvest in the area that environmental groups have accused this winter

according to the Finnish Ministry of environment, Lapland has created a unique combination of protected areas and foam materials. The stress will reduce the determination of the apparent (volume) density of foam plastic and rubber. ISO 845:1988 wild area diversification. The European Commission also recognized that Finland has achieved a sufficient degree of protection of northern forests. Stora Enso also saw that the ecological value of Lapland forest area has been well protected, including 43% of the protected forests

because the accuracy of the system in the area that environmental protection organizations currently accuse: less than 0.5% of the wood meets the standard of FSC controlled wood with a year-on-year increase of 35.8%, Stora Enso's position is that the company can accept these wood. The audit conducted by Stora Enso's Finnish timber supply department in the logging area also confirmed the above judgment

Stora Enso has recently discussed this matter with Greenpeace and MetS hallitus, and welcomes all relevant interest groups to participate in face-to-face dialogue

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