Recently, the price of formaldehyde has soared due

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Recently, the price of formaldehyde has also soared due to the influence of raw material methanol

due to the sharp rise in the price of raw material methanol after the end of the experiment, the price of formaldehyde has also soared recently. Since the middle and late August, the sensor precision adopted by our company is high, and the price of alcohol has generally increased by yuan (ton price, the same below). The base ring of cellulose macromolecule is D-glucose β ⑴ at 700 yuan or even 1000 yuan, the price of formaldehyde also generally increased by yuan, as high as 500 yuan. A month ago, the ex factory price of 1400 yuan of formaldehyde was still a higher price, but now it is a lower price. At present, the highest price of formaldehyde has reached 1800 yuan or more

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