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Huai'an biological PP fume hood power plant recommends [Senmiao experimental equipment]

Huai'an biological PP fume hood power plant recommends [Senmiao experimental equipment]

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product brand Senmiao experimental equipment product models and models are complete, the production City Anhui shipping City Anhui total supply is 100, the former generally uses the ordinary speed regulation system 000, the minimum starting order is 1 product unit price 1 unit of measurement, product details

Huai'an biological PP fume hood power plant recommends [Senmiao experimental equipment]

biological PP fume hood

Anhui Senmiao Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd.:

Anhui Senmiao Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of products such as laboratory special equipment, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. Anhui Senmiao Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. is recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business

basic information of Anhui Senmiao Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd.:

main products or services:

special laboratory equipment

main industry: special laboratory equipment

business model: production and processing

whether to provide processing/customization services: Yes

capital: RMB 12.8 million

time of establishment: 2018

place of registration: Anhui, China accelerates the implementation of made in China 2025 Chuzhou

enterprise type: one person limited company

legal representative: Dong Ming

Industrial and commercial registration number: ma2rfb8671


processing method: other

process: other office processing processes

number of employees: 11 - 50

number of R & D department: 5 - 10

plant area: 1000 square meters

main sales area: the whole country

main customer groups: laboratory equipment

monthly output: 1000 sets

annual turnover: less than 100000 yuan/year

annual export: less than 100000 yuan

brand name: no

Quality Control: internal

Anhui Senmiao Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd. interprets a new chapter in the industry for you:

it is recommended that the laboratory be equipped with high-power uninterruptible power supply to protect all laboratory equipment, Each equipment is protected by power supply separately, which is difficult to maintain and wastes space. According to the condition of laboratory equipment, determine the power and current parameters of uninterruptible power supply. It should be noted that the selection of uninterruptible power supply should reserve enough space for the development of laboratory. It is recommended that the load power should be more than twice the total power of existing instruments. The electrical plug can be designed on the wall or ground according to needs. The ground electrical plug should be waterproof to a certain extent. The location of the electrical plug should be close to the instruments in the global sales of about 85million vehicles powered by the power supply this year, so as to reduce the ground wiring and make the laboratory cleaner. Due to heat dissipation of uninterruptible power supply. 2. The noise is relatively loud. During the laboratory planning, an independent power supply room is set at the rear and a special air conditioner is installed in the room

the experimental equipment must be placed on the professional experimental platform, and the laboratory furniture should not be exposed to the experimental environment. Various toxic and harmful substances produced during the experiment may have a certain impact on the laboratory furniture. 3. Laboratory furniture of any material should be moisture-proof, because long-term humidity will deform the whole laboratory furniture, so we must pay attention to these problems. Laboratory furniture is some experimental furniture prepared for the convenience of experimental work. It contains many kinds. Here are some important deformation measurements of common laboratory furniture testing machines. 2. In addition, when conducting some special laboratories

Huai'an biological PP fume hood power plant recommends [Senmiao experimental equipment]

with the production of a large number of harmful substances such as gas, steam, dust and suspended particles, it has caused serious damage to the health of test personnel. Fume hood is the main safety equipment in the laboratory. Most experiments are completed in fume hood. Fume hood is a special form of closed cover, and the operation process of generating harmful substances is completely carried out in the cover. The fume hood is generally equipped with openable and closable operation holes and observation holes. By exhausting the fume hood, a negative pressure is formed in the fume hood to prevent the escape of harmful substances caused by the disturbance of mechanical equipment in the fume hood, chemical reaction or thermal pressure of heat sources, and the interference of indoor transverse airflow. The laboratory is in the process of testing

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