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Guangxi photovoltaic power generation complete equipment related recommendations

Guangxi photovoltaic power generation complete equipment related recommendations photovoltaic power stations are patronized by dust, which will not only affect the power generation will be fed back to the manufacturer of polyurethane products, but also affect the life of photovoltaic power stations. Although everyone knows that dust is bad, there is blind behavior about dust removal. During the dust removal process, there is a lot of attention. The company is mainly responsible for the development of ultra-thin carbon fiber layer technology in a permanent situation. It is very important to follow scientific dust removal

the solar energy irradiating the earth is 6000 times larger than the energy currently consumed by human beings. Moreover, solar energy is widely distributed on the earth. As long as there is light, the solar power generation system can be used, which is not limited by geographical and altitude factors. Roof photovoltaic power stations avoid losses caused by long-distance transmission. Solar energy resources are available everywhere, and power can be supplied nearby without long-distance transmission, avoiding the power loss caused by long-distance transmission lines. The conversion process of roof photovoltaic power generation is simple. Roof photovoltaic power generation is the direct conversion from light energy to electric energy. There is no intermediate process (such as the conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy, mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy, etc.) and mechanical movement, and there is no mechanical wear

at present, the relevant facilities of household photovoltaic are mainly popularized in rural flat houses, or the top floors of some single family villas and urban buildings. The average cost price is also different according to the time, place and customer requirements, but it also requires a lot of funds. Generally, a household needs 8 to 10 yuan per watt, and a 1000 Watt system needs 100000 yuan. Although the price of funds is actually very high, the state has relevant subsidy policies, and you can also get some electricity revenue. Therefore, the cost price per watt is about five yuan, so you can rest assured to invest

according to the calculation of insiders, if the power consumption is not too large and does not exceed the first gear electricity price, it is more appropriate to go to the mode of full price in terms of current income. If the electricity consumption is particularly large and reaches the third grade electricity price standard, it is suggested to use the self generated residual power supply mode. From the perspective of the national strategy, it is natural to encourage household users to adopt the mode of self use surplus electricity, which is also in line with the characteristics of distribution

many investors * are concerned about whether it is possible to make money by investing in household photovoltaic power generation. In fact, it is possible. But it depends on your power sales mode, and then on your initial investment capital and the actual effect of power generation. Just do the relevant calculation. Some people believe that household photovoltaic is an emerging industry after all. Although the national subsidy policy will last for 20 years, the risk is still great. First of all, this is new energy, which takes a certain time for people to accept, but it is advocated by the state; Second, the crisis of energy exhaustion will come at any time, so it must be a wise choice to invest in advance

install photovoltaic power stations and adopt the mode of "spontaneous self use and surplus electricity", which can sell electricity to the state and alleviate the pressure of social electricity consumption. Since thermal power is still dominant in China's current energy structure, thermal power plants are naturally at full power in such a power consumption peak in summer, and carbon emissions are also increased. Accordingly, the haze weather in summer is also 2. 5% The binder began to increase. Therefore, the promotion and installation of household photovoltaic power generation equipment in summer can increase the proportion of clean energy in power supply and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction. Guangxi photovoltaic power generation complete set of equipment related recommendations

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