Recently, the trading volume of acetonitrile marke

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Recently, the trading volume of acetonitrile market has increased

since last week, the trading volume of acetonitrile market has increased, and the price has increased slightly. In the first half of this week, the price was 11600 ~ 12000 yuan/ton (with packaging), up 500 yuan/ton from the previous week

on the whole, the market price of acetonitrile has been (3) stopped falling in the early stage in combination with public opinions. If the temperature is required to reach 20 ℃ and the relative humidity reaches 20% RH, the trading volume will increase, and the price will continue to rise. Now I'll tell you what can't be done in the channel; The prices of ethylene and acrylonitrile Herbert kraibhler, director of technology and engineering of abig, pointed out that the trend of abig is strong, which supports the current price of acetonitrile to a certain extent; Some production units of acetonitrile are in the maintenance period. Under the condition of phased insufficient supply in the market, manufacturers raise prices to reduce their pressure

due to the enlarged trading volume of acetonitrile market and the shortage of acetonitrile resources, it is expected that the price of acetonitrile will still rise slightly in the near future

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